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I just had an amazing shoot with my best friend Kristine Kendra on the beach at Santa Cruz with photographers Hil Muller of Springbok Designs and Turbo Designs Imagery. I absolutely love how the photos came out and had so much fun at the shoot also! I think we laughed more than shot photos! The locations were beautiful also, we started at a beautiful beach, but it was very windy.  We ended up shooting in multiple locations that were more protected from the elements.  The end of the day was spent over a great dinner on the harbour. 


The following day we drove back home, but had to make a stop to order a custom Cexce Bikini!  Oh my goodness, Patti of Cexce had gorgeous handmade suits all over the walls with a large table displaying all of her shiny fabrics and cute baubles to use for hardware.  I fell in love with a little bikini she had on the rack and she quickly made adjustments to make it fit me perfectly!  I can't wait to do a shoot with Turbo and Rock it out, I know just the place:)  Kristine also had a wicked beautiful bikini she will be modeling soon! 


I came back to reality and with my arrival home, but after only a few short days I had a shoot with photographer Sean Buie.  What a fun shoot! He takes beautiful outdoor shots and I posted the first few edits in my Shiny and New album...what are you waiting for? Go check em out!



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Summertime! What a beautiful summer it has been. This summer has been filled with long days of wonderful weather and also marks my one year anniversary of modeling! I think that coupled with bikini season has renewed my passion for modeling.  I recently had a shoot with the very talented Dave Preston in the Yuba River with some beautiful results.  He knows how to take some stunning photos in nature.  I will be adding some of his photos to my site, so please have a look.  I recieved my bikini from Sexy Lime Surf Co earlier this year and finally had an opportunity to wear it and absolutely love it! I have another bikini shoot scheduled next week on the beach with my favorite model and best friend!! Stay Tuned:)



Please check out more of Dave's work here:


Bikini courtesy of Sexy Lime:

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Have you ever gotten burnt out on something?

I don't mean your job, taking out the trash, or mowing the lawn. 

No, I mean something you typically enjoy doing, that you have gotten joy from, but somehow it has lost it's luster and brilliance.  That once shiney interest in life becomes dull and flat, lifeless like a dying plant that has been neglected in the corner of the room too long. 

Did the plant become lifeless due to neglect and lack of care and pruning? 

Or maybe you overwatered it until it wilted, then your pruning sheers nicked the limbs of the plant causing additonal damage to the once healthy and stong shrub? 

Did that plant get too much or too little attention? 

Sometimes that is how I feel about modeling.  Right now I can't decide if I have given it too much or too little of my time to cause this 'burnout' I am suffering from.  I am thinking that like a phase it will pass, like so many ticks on a clock...I am hoping it will come to end soon.  I need some kind of new excitement to add to this modeling gig!  Later this week I have an interesting shoot lined up, I can't wait to see if it will cure what ails me:)

~XO Ginger


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